Wer ist Dr. Andrew Kaufman?

Dr. Andrew Kaufman is an American psychiatrist, naturopathic consultant, and inventor who has spoken out strongly throughout the pandemic.

He is at war with the „germ theory“ and instead advocates the „terrain theory“. This theory is based on the host’s environment, which means that a disease cannot thrive in a healthy body. For example, when a fish is sick, you clean the water in which it swims. Germ theory treats the fish’s symptoms but ignores the dirty water.

According to the terrain theory, one of the origins of the most common modern diseases is chemical poisoning, which enters our body from a variety of sources: food, water, air, radiation, vaccines, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides. They are all man-made, denatured, or altered in some way.

When the pandemic broke out, he made a straightforward claim that the virus did not exist and that what scientists were actually demonstrating were „exosomes,“ something that every human body produces in response to an immune response. Cells produce exosomes, especially dying cells, to alert other cells that the environment is highly toxic. In this way, all cells enter a state of life support, which deprives the body of all energy and causes discomfort.

So the role of the exosomes is to set off the alarm in the body by playing a role in intercellular communication. They carry payloads or genetic material and swim around picking up pathogens and telling other cells that a threat is present. This is a cellular mechanism for excreting internal toxicity.

Viruses (or, more precisely, exosomes) are the consequences of a stress-induced illness or poisoning, but not the cause of the illness.

He explained that people are getting sick with microwave poisoning from the current infrastructure and the greatly increased exposure to 5G, which leads to an increase in the number of exosomes in our bodies. Illness is the way the body gets rid of toxins and is the result of a weakened immune system. Therefore the symptoms of the patients are not those of a pneumonia virus, but those of altitude sickness, an oxygen deficiency.

Together with Dr. Tom Cowan, an anthroposophic doctor, created the „Covid-19 Myths Series“ to expose the scientific misinterpretations, misunderstandings, wrong conclusions and downright scams that are ubiquitous in the scientific literature on viruses and Covid-19.

Dr. Kaufman is one of many other doctors who say this whole COVID-19 thing is fooling the population and even the medical professionals. The RT-PCR tests used are incorrect; they are not intended for testing a virus, but rather for the genetic code. Any person who has some type of immune response at the time of the test will test „positive“ for COVID-19. There is also no gold standard measurement to check the error rate of this test. All tests should have a margin of error, just like any scientific experiment done in a laboratory.

On the subject of vaccines, Dr. Andrew Kaufman that even if we believe in the germ theory (that the virus exists), vaccines would not be effective because viruses mutate and are constantly changing, so a vaccine would not work.

He also explains how the COVID-19 vaccine provides a vehicle for „injecting genes“ into humans, initially through a process known as „electroporation,“ in which an electric current „creates tiny holes in our cells the DNA can penetrate „, and then by the insertion of“ foreign proteins that are supposed to generate immunity „. Kaufman concludes that, like the results of agricultural biotechnology, the vaccine will turn people into „genetically modified organisms“.

In contrast to the mainstream media, he has jeopardized his licensing as a doctor and his life’s work.

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